Welcome from the OIC 12th BDE

Greetings and welcome to the new SFMCDIRTYDOZEN.ORG.

The 12th Brigade is the administrative command of STARFLEET Marine Corps units in the states of Arkansas, Illinois, Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma. This site serves as a basic clearinghouse for contact information for both the Brigade and its constituent units. For news on the activities and announcements of the 12th and its units, please give a look to our Facebook page and 12th Brigade Mailing List. Both of these resources are more completely explained on the "On the Web" page.

Please give the pages that follow a good look with an eye toward lost or missing data. If you find some, please drop us a line at webteam<at>sfmcdirtydozen.org.

Major General Julie Rickard
SFMC Twelfth Brigade


MSG/MEU/MTU OICs: Your next report is due on:
01OCT2015 to your BDE OIC